Experiencing dreams is both intensely private and a shared human phenomena. What happens to this when we collectively experience a crisis on the scale of the current Coronavirus pandemic? 

Dreaming is the minds way of resetting, processing information from the day and communicating information from within the unconcious. In stressful times where the ego feels a loss of control, paying attention to your dreams can be a way to connect with your inner voice and find new perspectives, this is a time to get curious. With a lot of us now staying at home, waking to a natural cycle can make it more likely to remember your dreams. Let’s use this and share our unconscious content. 

The project was inspired in part by the writer Charlotte Beradt, who documented dreams in Berlin during the Second World War providing an insight into the night time processing of her contemporaries. You can read more about her book here.

The database is run by me, Sylvie McGowan with the help of some talented friends (Welf, Matt, Marzena – thank you!). I am an art therapist and designer interested in symbolic imagery and the unconscious processes happening when we dream and when we create.

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