Remembering your dreams

Maybe you have experienced waking from a very vivid dream and then realised ten minutes later that you remember none of it? This is very common.

The simplest way to retain some of the dream information is to play back through the dream as soon as you wake up, narrating it to yourself. This will install it into your waking mind, allowing it to be easier accessed throughout the day. Keeping a pad and paper next to the bed, is not only good for making notes or sketches, but can also act as a trigger, encouraging the mind to seek out dream imagery. 

Some other tips and tricks on remembering dreams, and introducing lucid dreaming will be added below.

How to Remember Your Dreams
The New York Times

In this article, Psychiatrist Robert Stickgold recommends the following:

  • Drink water before bed
  • Repeat the phrase “I’m going to remember my dreams”
  • Keep a notebook and pen at hand
  • Replay the dream before opening your eyes
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